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Speaking events to help you thrive online

I am often asked to speak at Business events, CEO groups, and Client Events on Digital Topics, such as marketing, website engagement and the future of the web.


Matt connected instantly with an audience of entrepreneurs and business people, perhaps the most difficult audience in the world to connect with! I highly recommend him as a speaker for any event

— Ram Gidoomal CBE

Ron Boskell

From my perspective as Chair, I was delighted to listen to a genuine common-sense approach that provided for all members and guests to participate in the workshop sessions. Matt, you don’t speak "at" your audience; you include them... this was very refreshing. I was so pleased to see all members and guests so engaged in your workshops; these provided for a great deal of enthusiasm with members and guests as their collective minds were being stretched thinking about their current offering whilst juggling their new plans for the future.

— Ron Boskell, Chair TEC Christchurch,New Zealand.

Derrick Watson

Matt is a natural, warm engaging communicator with an infectious passion for both business and seeing people reaching their potential at work...

— Derrick Watson, Director Watson Moore


Matt was one of the speakers at a TEC workshop I hosted recently in New Zealand. This is a high level event and attendees expect to leave well informed with practical ideas that will save them money and create real engagement on their websites. Matt always delivers real value and this event was no exception.

— Simon O'Shaughnessy

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