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The latest episodes of our eCommerce podcast

Jersey eCommerce Framework19 Aug 2019
#9: The proven framework I use to grow successful eCommerce businessesMatt Edmundson

Coming up into today's show I am going to run through a proven framework for setting up and growing a successful eCommerce business. And I don’t make that claim lightly. It’s not clickbait. I can tell you it’s the framework that I use for my businesses and also when consulting with clients all over the world and I’ve seen great results with it.

Paria15 Aug 2019
#8: How to grow a niche clothing brand online with Sam MorganMatt Edmundson

In this show, I get to chat with Sam Morgan who is the founder of Paria.cc which is a bespoke clothing brand that specialises in Bike Gear. Sam knows first hand the challenge of running an eCommerce clothing brand as he balances weather, fashion trends, brands and seasonal changes successfully.

Suppliers30 Jul 2019
#7: How suppliers make or break your eCommerce business (and how I lost millions in sales)Matt Edmundson

In part three of a three-part mini-series, Matt continues to look at how to find high-demand products to sell on your eCommerce website. This week we look at how suppliers can make or break you eCommerce Company.

Welcome to The Kuriosity Podcast: a podcast where I coach eCommerce entrepreneurs as well as interview digital experts & business leaders so that we all grow our online companies.

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