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Matt Edmundson | eCommerce entrepreneur & coach

I’ll keep this brief as I appreciate most About/ My Story pages are narcissistic and boring. I try hard not to be either, but it doesn’t always work out!

The NumbersHere I am trying not to be boring and yet already talking numbers. I know that some of you will find this interesting - so it’s a special section just for you :-) The reason I mention the numbers is not to brag as it doesn’t really mean anything - it is just a number - but rather so you can be confident that all I do and share has been tried, tested and developed on our own businesses, in the real eCommerce world.

$100,000,000+ the combined turnover of clients I am coaching

$50,000,000+ generated in worldwide sales on our own eCommerce sites

150,000+ the number of customers that have purchased from our sites

$15,000 the most I have paid to Google in a single month for my Adwords bill

3,000+ the number of days I have been running Jersey Beauty Company

500+ the number of products we have on the websites

50+ the number of people that have been an amazing part of the team

15+ the number of years of development in our eCommerce platform

6: the number of critical elements in eCommerce

5: my Apple products - MacBook Pro, iPad, Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods

4: the number of companies I run (this can and probably will change!)

3: the number of amazing kids I have

2: the number of books I try and read each month

1: the number of lives that we get to live

Meet the team

I have a great team that makes magic happen.
Jen Oliver
Jen OliverHead of Content

Actually. It's Dr. Jen. Yup - Jen is very clever with all things science! Be warned. She is, of course, lovely too and when she is not looking after the family she is working on all things content and digital marketing.

Josh Catchpole
Josh CatchpoleGraphic Designer

Josh started working with us years ago in the warehouse. After a while, we discovered that he had magical powers when it came to all things graphics and video, so eventually got to the place where he has the biggest, most powerful Mac in the office with the biggest monitor too!

Julie Connolly
Julie ConnollyCustomer Service

Julie looks after all things customer service, which is not easy. Especially when you deal with folks from all over the world, with all kinds of ideas about how quickly something should turn up to their remote location. Always with a cool head, and a warm smile Julie is just fabulous.

Mark Jackson
Mark JacksonHead of Technical

Family, Football, and Formula 1! Most of his “spare” time is spent entertaining 2 young boys with visits to the park, playing with Lego and of course, anything Paw Patrol related. From Yorkshire, he is penny wise and often on their lush green hills, walking.

Matt Edmundson
Matt EdmundsonManaging Director

I'd buy Liverpool Football Club if I could afford it. My kids would prefer an Aston Martin and my wife would rather spruce up the house. Being a family man I exercise the skills of negotiation and compromise: I buy gadgets.

Michelle Dunbar
Michelle DunbarOperations Director

Michelle is literally the glue that holds everything together, manages all of the finances, and runs the operation. She is an absolute legend! Often found wearing her slippers in the office, smiling and laughing at something or complaining about the cold.

Mike Lowe
Mike LoweWeb Developer

Away from a computer screen (which is quite rare, he is glued to it), Mike is a total cricket tragic! I didn't know much about cricket before Mike worked here - but I am getting there. He loves watching it, playing it and discussing it no end!

Sadaf Beynon
Sadaf BeynonHead of Digital Marketing

Our token Canadian in the office, Sadaf is usually laughing a lot. Sadaf is great at hospitality, often bringing in cakes to work and sending me photos of the latest thing her boys have got up to (they are hysterical). As well as doing family really well, she is either reading or Marie Kondo'ing the house.

Samuel Birch
Samuel BirchTechnical Director

Sam heads up all the development we do, and whilst he loves to write code I think he has a greater love for the outdoors. Often he'll regale us with stories of sleeping outside in some strange location, campfires, and hammocks.