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“...it is specific to YOUR business and you can WATCH the customer journey.”

When Matt reviewed my website, I was really impressed with how he had a crystal clear view of what could be improved on my website. I am a visual person and a video review is not like ANY general review, it is specific to YOUR business and you can WATCH the customer journey.

In just a few minutes, he was in my customer’s shoes and pointed out where I could improve the experience. After Matt did the video review, I immediately changed some areas of my website and my conversion rate since then grew from 4.56% to 8.31%.”

Carine Soriano, CEO Lea France


I started my first eCommerce business 13 years ago. Desperate for some direction, I learnt by trial and error, eventually building an 8-figure online beauty store that is still thriving today.

Nowadays, as an eCommerce consultant, I am eager to help other aspiring online entrepreneurs take their web-shop to the next level. I want to offer encouragement and advice to businessmen and women that are desperate to make daily sales from their eCommerce store.

Regardless of what platform you are on, I will give you a free website review and give you encouragement, tips and advice to help you grow your business in minutes:

✓ Shopify Sites

✓ Weebly Sites

✓ Bigcommerce Sites

✓ Wordpress Sites

✓ WooCommerce Sites

✓ Magento Sites

✓ Wix Sites

“Matt’s honesty was great.”

“The examples that Matt shows on various sites, especially his own sites, really shows you the points he’s trying to get across and Matt’s honesty [...] was great.”

Terry McKeown, CEO Power Tools Centre


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How It Works

1. To request a free review hit ‘get my free review’ Link: TBA and fill in your website details on the popup form that springs up.

2. Your review will be added to a backlog of review requests (please have patience as I whizz through these requests as quickly as humanly possible!) Often I will film up to 3 website reviews in the same video, especially if requests focus on similar issues and problems. Websites will all be listed in the video description box so that it is easy to access your review.

3. I will deliver a 5-10 minute video review of your eCommerce website, recording my first impressions of your store. I will highlight the main areas you need to work on in order to turn web traffic into sales. You will get 2-3 quick tips and actionable steps that you can implement on your site straight away.

4. Once you have received your website review - join my Facebook group where you can update me on your progress, ask further questions and enjoy building community with other budding eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Request a Free Website Review

To request a free website review, simply click the button below and answer all questions on the pop-up.

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About me

(Matt Edmundson, 8-figure Online Business Owner & eCommerce Coach)

Who am I?

I am a business guy who has had more failures than successes; it is just that my successes far out-weigh my failures. That's great news, as it means that I now have a bunch of companies with a multi-million pound turnover. But more importantly, I have a great team that have the ability to make magic happen. I've got a bit of a loud mouth (in a good way!) and I'm always bouncing new ideas around. I am someone who likes to challenge the 'norm'. I get a kick out of developing teams so that capabilities match the company culture. I know that 'culture' is the most important thing for me to focus on so that work stands for something more than just a pay cheque.

If could afford it I would buy Liverpool Football Club for no sensible reason: I'm just a fan. My kids would prefer me to buy an Aston Martin, and my wife would prefer me to spend the money on the house (or donate it). Being a family man I exercise the skills of negotiation and compromise: I buy gadgets.

My Values

My personal values are: Try, unDefault, Fun and Legacy.

If I had 'specialist subjects' they would be: company culture and values, company start-up, team development, web design, e-commerce and online sales, social media, contract negotiation, presentations, corporate social responsibility (CSR), trustee, vision and strategy.

I am passionate about helping small businesses take their first steps into profit and growth. I have been an eCommerce business owner for 13 years and now enjoy running my own eCommerce consultancy and web development agency.

Any questions? Reach out in my Facebook group or message me on Instagram @mattedmundson

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We'll never share your email with anyone else.