“Discover the one framework I used to create multiple 7-figure eCommerce businesses!”

Matt Edmundson - online business owner, e-Commerce coach and author of the 2019 eCommerce Mastery Online Course.

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You will...
Learn and implement the JERSEY e-commerce Framework in just 60 days.

The course is broken down into 60 days worth of content, so you can learn at your own pace or follow the 60-day challenge.

Build your sustainable eCommerce business from start to finish.

It's easy to launch an eCommerce site, but it isn't so easy to build an eCommerce business. Learn the strategies I use to build 7-figure businesses.

Get Step-by-step strategies to help you generate traffic that converts into sales.

Never struggle to convert traffic into sales again with my proven Framework.

Newly recorded for 2019: 8-figure business owner and eCommerce coach, Matt Edmundson, launches a brand-new online course that teaches eCommerce beginners how to build, launch and grow their online business in 60 days. 

No stone left unturned, Matt uses the time-tested JERSEY framework to walk you through the ins and outs of running a successful eCommerce business. From choosing profitable products to generating loyal, repeat customers - Matt gives you all of his experience in running a 8-figure beauty company and setting up several 7-figure stores for his consultancy clients.

What everyone is saying about the eCommerce Mastery Course...

“eCommerce Mastery is a must”

“Ecommerce Mastery for me lifted the curtain on so many technical aspects to see they were easy to operate with minimal skill, often without cost, and allowed me to be much more certain of my business outcomes… it’s a must for business leaders that want to understand what they are buying, what they can do in-house.”

Simon O’Shaughnessy
CEO, Carista (UK & New Zealand)

“Matt understands how things work in the real world - he’s been there and done it.”

“Over the years, we’ve started various websites, sold on Amazon and eBay and have ran a retail shop. During that time, we’ve tried to juggle everything and have not stopped to look where we are going. It’s been a case of just doing more of the same… So we signed up to eCommerce Mastery because we knew Matt had his own websites and understands how things work in the real world - he’s been there and done it.

The course itself has been brilliant. It’s covered way more than I thought it would and given us a much better understanding of what we need to be doing on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis!

The examples that Matt shows on various sites, especially his own sites, really shows you the points he’s trying to get across and Matt’s honesty was great.”

Terry McKeown CEO, Power Tools Centre (UK)

“This course is going to make a huge impact”

“This course is going to make a huge impact on our business and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be successful in the digital future.”

Chris Ivers Head of Marketing, Pharmaco (New Zealand & Australia)

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6 Easy Modules, 1 Proven and Powerful Framework
J - Jam Jar. Module One: How to source & supply extremely profitable products to sell on your eCommerce site

In this module, you will discover a system for finding profitable products to sell online. Find out how to source and supply high-demand products that will make you money from the get-go. Enjoy spying on competitors and eCommerce giants like Amazon and eBay in order to get the lowdown on up-and-coming trends before others in your industry.

E - Engineer Module Two: The exact content & structure you need to include on your site to run a successful eCommerce business

In this module, Matt reveals unique methods that allow you to build a customer-focused website. You’ll learn exactly what content to include on your site in order to set your business up for frequent sales. Get this foundation wrong and your eCommerce site will not convert as it should.

R - Resonate Module Three: Learn how to make your web traffic convert to sales time and time again

Once you’ve set firm conversion foundations, Matt uses module 3 to teach you conversion methods he’s implemented on his 8-figure site. These tactics will ensure you run a stand-out business that keeps customers coming back for more.

S - Send Module Four: Ensure you send a wealth of continuous traffic to your highly-converting site

By this point - you will have a clever eCommerce business that converts traffic into sales. Now it’s time to send crazy amounts of traffic to your site! Using marketing strategies that guarantee results, Matt reveals how easy it is to run and implement a successful marketing department when you have a good website in place.

E - Experience Module Five: Add finishing touches to gain repeat customers that shop from you time and time again

Here lies trick to creating a sustainable eCommerce business: generate loyal customers! Matt reveals several systems that can guarantee you will get good reviews and lovely, loyal customers that want to buy from you, on a regular basis.

Y - Yo-yo Module Six - Learn how to grow and scale your business month-to-month

In this module, Matt gives you his monthly marketing and eCommerce strategies so that running your company is never complicated. This ensures your business is geared up for growth and scalability.

Bonus Modules: Live Q&A with Matt

​After each module, you’ll get access to a live Q & A with Matt himself so you can learn how to apply the principles to your own eCommerce business with ease.

Bonus Get behind the scenes access

In each module, we take you behind the scenes of Matt's eCommerce websites as he shows you specifics will help you master specific eCommerce skills like how to write a blog post that drives traffic. We give you access to swipe files of our emails and much more.

60 Days to Implement a Framework that has built a 7-Figure Business

You can complete the entire course in 60 days and delight as your traffic constantly grows and converts - giving you an endless supply of web sales.

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eCommerce Mastery Online Course 2019:

  • 6 Incredible Modules
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  • Bonus masterclass lessons so that you can upskill in all areas of eCommerce

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