eCommerce Masterclass 2020

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Course Modules

Intro17 Apr 2020
Masterclass Introduction

What this lesson before starting the course as Matt gives you a quick intro to the eCommerce Masterclass.

Jam Jar17 Apr 2020
Module 1 - JAMJAR Funnel

How to figure out the perfect product to sell online without breaking the bank! This is a must-watch module even if you already have products to sell…they may not work online.

Engineer24 Apr 2020
Module 2 - Engineer

How to navigate the technology even if you're not tech-savvy.

Resonate30 Apr 2020
Module 3 - Resonate

How to set out your website in order to convert visitors to customers and maximise your website sales.

Send8 May 2020
Module 4 - Send

This module is all about SENDing traffic to your website - how do we do eCommerce Marketing?

Experience15 May 2020
Module 5 - Experience

This module is all about developing an fabulous post-purchase experience for your customers

Yoyo22 May 2020
Module 6 - Yo Yo

This module is all about working hard to build a repeatable and referrable business