Staying Motivated and Selling Products on Amazon

In Episode 3 of 'An Entrepreneur's Vlog' Matt shares how he stays motivated in the gym and talks about his experience of selling his products on Amazon.

Do you go to the gym or exercise? 

If you do, great. If you struggle, I get that. My problem over the years has been maintaining my motivation. 

For me, finding what I enjoyed the most about exercising helped me eventually find my groove so that I could more easily motivate myself to exercise. For me, it was discovering CrossFit. I do it to keep fit, to stay strong and to stay healthy. 

Question of the Vlog: Should you sell products on Amazon?

I do. But it depends on you and your product. One thing to figure out is the payment that you'll have to make to Amazon in order for them to sell your product. Whether it is worth it, might come down to this for you. 

Watch episode three of this season's "An Entrepreneur's Vlog'" below.

About the Vlog

Welcome to Season 2 of “An Entrepreneur’s Vlog.”

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Takeaway points from this episode

Pros of Amazon:

  • Amazon is huge and will give you access to an extensive amount of potential customers. 

Cons of Amazon: 

  • They are not your customers so you don't have access to their names or email addresses so therefore can't create a database in which to market your products to.