What businesses are the least risky to start?
eCommerce businesses are the least risky to start...
  • You can dropship - you don’t have to carry stock

    Explain what dropshipping is, what companies do it. Pros and cons.

  • It’s a one-man business - you don’t need to hire staff or space to begin with

    Explain that one person can do all from product selection, to website to marketing - it’s not as difficult as some may think. You don’t have to hire developers or marketing agencies. I teach a course that tells you how you set up, run and market a business on your own in 60 days. Of course you can scale when the time is right - but even then you can digitally outsource a lot of the work saving money on office space.

  • You can initially run your business part-time and have another job

    The best thing about eCommerce is that people will buy when you are not at work. You don’t have to ‘open shop’ in order to make a profit. You can easily have another job and then work on your eCommerce business part time or even on evenings. A lot of the work can be automated - marketing emails, new promotions. You will just need time to fulfil orders if you are not dropshipping.