How to take customers from cart to checkout in 3 simple steps

Being able to bring customers from cart to checkout is a huge quality of an eCommerce website. Making sure that the possibility of abandoned carts is averted is key to this. Take a look at Matt's 3 simple steps that help in taking customers from cart to checkout.

Is technology a good thing? 

Yes? No? Is this a stupid question? 

My thoughts on the widespread flooding of technology in our society is that I simply question the extent to which we allow technology to rule our lives. I think that the use of technology could have a continuously devastating impact on the healthy routines of both us and our children. 

Question of the Vlog: How to solve abandoned cart rates? 

Abandoned carts are very common across the board of eCommerce websites. They can be one of the most frustrating things to be tracking on your online store. In order to overcome this issue I've shared 3 of my simple steps in this episode of the vlog. 

Watch episode five of this season's "An Entrepreneur's Vlog" below. 

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Takeaway points from this episode
  • Make sure you don't have any hidden costs
  • Ensure that both your mobile and desktop versions of your online store are linked 
  • Remind your customers that they have something in their basket