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20190916 14584017 Sep 2019
#13: Understanding the REAL Costs of eCommerce Shipping for your BusinessSadaf Beynon

After product cost, the second biggest direct cost to your business is shipping. As a business your aim has to be to offer the lowest shipping rate possible while still giving your customers the shipping options they want AND covering your costs.

Black friday 110 Sep 2019
#12: Ways to Approach Just Another (Black) FridaySadaf Beynon

No matter how you feel about Black Friday, it is coming and it is still one of the busiest shopping days in the retail calendar on both sides of the Atlantic. This year Black Friday is falling on November 29th which for many will be just after pay day. How will your business approach Black Friday this year?

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW thumb 70f3 Sep 2019
#11: eCommerce Tips for Christmas ReadinessSadaf Beynon

Eggnog and Christmas lights might be the farthest thing from your mind right now but to experience success this year you need to start thinking about how your eCommerce business is going to drive those sales and finish strong in the final quarter.

Traffic Sales Blog 01 128 Aug 2019
#10: Solving the ’traffic but no sales’ problem for your eCommerce site.Sadaf Beynon

I've got traffic but no sales! It's the complaint I hear from a lot of digital entrepreneurs about their new eCommerce website. So in today's show, we are going to tackle this head-on and learn how to diagnose why you are getting traffic but no sales.

Jersey eCommerce Framework19 Aug 2019
#9: The proven framework I use to grow successful eCommerce businessesMatt Edmundson

Coming up into today's show I am going to run through a proven framework for setting up and growing a successful eCommerce business. And I don’t make that claim lightly. It’s not clickbait. I can tell you it’s the framework that I use for my businesses and also when consulting with clients all over the world and I’ve seen great results with it.

Paria15 Aug 2019
#8: How to grow a niche clothing brand online with Sam MorganMatt Edmundson

In this show, I get to chat with Sam Morgan who is the founder of which is a bespoke clothing brand that specialises in Bike Gear. Sam knows first hand the challenge of running an eCommerce clothing brand as he balances weather, fashion trends, brands and seasonal changes successfully.

Suppliers30 Jul 2019
#7: How suppliers make or break your eCommerce business (and how I lost millions in sales)Matt Edmundson

In part three of a three-part mini-series, Matt continues to look at how to find high-demand products to sell on your eCommerce website. This week we look at how suppliers can make or break you eCommerce Company.

Product research dk30 Jul 2019
#6: Researching products to sell on your eCommerce websiteMatt Edmundson

In part two of a three-part mini-series, Matt continues to look at how to find high-demand products to sell on your eCommerce website. This week we look at how to do product research.

Niche23 Jul 2019
#5: Why you should choose a niche if you want great products to sell onlineMatt Edmundson

Matt addresses the issue many entrepreneurs are facing: lots of product that is failing to sell. In this podcast, we look at how choosing a niche is key to solving this problem.

LuxLock Website Screenshot27 Jun 2019
#4: How to sell a $6,000 sweater online with Casey GoldenMatt Edmundson

Casey Golden shares her secrets on how to sell high end products like $6000 sweaters online.

Beard And Bones26 Jun 2019
#3: Coaching Call tackling Reviews with Dan HendersMatt Edmundson

Listen in to a Coaching Call with Dan Henders, an eCommerce entrepreneur just like many of our listeners. Together we tackle his current most critical eCommerce problem: Reviews!

Bee Good desktop25 Jun 2019
#2: From the kitchen table to a worldwide eCommerce business with Simon CavillMatt Edmundson

Simon Cavill, a beekeeper and an expert in eCommerce. Simon shares how his beekeeping hobby that started 16 years ago is now a fully fledged eCommerce business called Bee Good.