Got the eCommerce bug but need help to get more sales, or even the first sale?

That's exactly what I do my friend.

Hi! My name is Matt Edmundson, the eCommerce coach, and my passion is to help eCommerce entrepreneurs set up and run their dream eCommerce site, one sale at a time!

I've been running my own eCommerce businesses since 2002, which in Internet years is a very long time! My sites have generated over $50m in sales and we've shipped over 7 million products to most countries on the planet. So, with the help of my amazing team, we've learned A LOT about eCommerce.

Over the years, more and more people reached out to me and asked for me help, to give them the 'secrets' to running a profitable eCommerce business. So now days, I do both. I run my own eCommerce businesses but I also run an eCommerce agency that helps coach eCommerce business all over the world on how to do online business well. I started to add the sales of all of the amazing entrepreneurs and companies that I coach and I had to stop when it went over the $100m's a crazy big number.

Now, I am bringing all of that learning together into digital form and distributing it on the internet (some for free, and some through paid courses).

I live the best of both worlds

I am super blessed. I get that. Not only do I get to run my own online business, but I also get the extra insight and experience in helping companies all over the world boost their eCommerce sales. I get to travel. I get to meet some amazing people. I get to look under the hood of their business and I get to have lasting impact. 

It's incredible really. I get to live the kind of life that I want. I am living the life that I first dreamed about when starting my very first online business back in 2002.

How I can coach you

There is a lot of free content on this site that you will find super helpful. Whether you are just starting out, or your trying to diagnose a problem on your existing site there is something for everyone. So dig in. Have a look around.

Of course, the best thing to do is start here. This page tells you where to begin on the site and how to get the most from the content that we have produced for you.

Matt has had a great impact is in the area of our digital offering including development of ideas and mentoring of directors and staff. 

Ram Gidoomal, CBE

Matt provided a very thoughtful and critical insight into how we could improve our existing website and processes. This resulted in a hugely improved user experience, increased time on our site, increased search engine rankings and more organic search conversions. 

Matt Byrom, CEO - 4040 Media

A few fun facts

I moved to Liverpool in 1992 when I joined the university to study accountancy. I thought the course we super boring but it gave me a great appreciation for numbers! I chose the university for one reason only - it got me closer to my favourite football team!

I got married in 1998, and it's the best thing I ever did. My wife is amazing. She hasn't killed me yet, which is a huge miracle (I am extremely grateful). We have the privilege of parenting three amazing kids - proud of all of them.

I go to church on Sundays and love it, I work out 4 times a week, 5 if I can squeeze it in (I love CrossFit) and when I get some spare time I like to create things out of wood.

Oh, and I love all things Apple.

My Vlog
The journey so far...

Like every great and fun journey, we all start somewhere. Things happen, we adapt and iterate and before you know it, we've got something truly magical happening around us.

I'm no exception to this rule, so here is a brief overview of the journey so far...

A brief history
2002 Launch first eCommerce business

I decide that selling online is a great idea, so I call a friend and ask if I can sell his products online. I buy at trade prices and sell at retail. BOOM! My love for eCommerce is born when I make my first sale as I sleep!

2003 I learn to code

There is very little help around at this point, so I learn how to write all the code myself and create a much better version of our eCommerce site.

2003 Sell our first online business

Things are going so well, that someone approaches me to buy the website. The price is right, so I agree. Little did I know that this would be the first of over 20 eCommerce businesses I would start.

2006 Jersey Beauty Company was born

We launched in August 2006. We were hoping to do about £10k in sales by the end of the year. But we were way out in our estimations. We were nowhere near the £10k mark. We had done over £400k in sales. Holy cow! Jersey was going to be something special.

2008 First online failure!

We launched a website called Jersey Gift Company. I thought we had the formula for success at this point, but I was wrong. Hubris is a powerful thing. The site failed and subsequently closed. Lessons learned!

2010 New Distribution System

We designed and built a distribution system for our online businesses from the ground up. It was incredible, almost overnight we sent out twice as many parcels and saved almost $100,000 in shipping error alone!

2014 Started coaching in eCommerce

More and more people were asking me for help, so in 2014 I finally started to charge clients for my advice. My eCommerce Consulting company was born. I was both nervous and excited because I knew we had a special business, but would my principles and ideas work for other businesses too? It was a great moment of relief when we realised that they work for others too. Boy do they work!

Today Now, I split my time three ways...

...I work on my own eCommerce businesses, I work on my eCommerce Agency where I consult with clients all over the world and help them build their eCommerce business and finally - I work on this site, creating content that helps those new to eCommerce get the best start possible.

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